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What They Don’t Want You To Know About Credit Inquiries

Learn how inquiries can drop your credit scores and also how companies are using “filters” to lower your credit scores to higher your interest rates Click Here To See Our Membership Program or Let Us Do All The Work Click Below

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How Credit Cards Companies Can Effect Your Credit and Credit Scores

Learn how credit cards companies can effect your credit and credit scores due to the laws congress has passed in their favor. Learn more about credit repair: CLICK HERE Get Access To My Free Membership Site or Let Us Do All The Work For You Click Below

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How to Deal with Medical Collections

According to recent news reports over 75% of America’s are dealing with some sort of medical debt. Either from not having insurance or not being able to afford to pay their deductibles. I’ve put together this video to show you your rights when it comes to medical debt being reported on your credit reports and…

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How To Deal With Auto Repossessions

In this video I share my strategies for dealing with an auto repossession. I take you step by step through the entire process including the collection process, auction sale, contracts and much more. Get Access To My Free Membership Site or Let Us Do All The Work For You Click Below

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Justice Neil Gorsuch’s first ruling shows strict use of language

WASHINGTON — Newly installed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch followed the letter of the law in his first opinion Monday — a ruling that dealt with whether collectors of debts are in all cases “debt collectors.” In a lively, 11-page unanimous ruling, Gorsuch said a law passed by Congress to guard against abusive, deceptive and unfair…

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Your Zip Code May Determine Your Wealth?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, which some people have been for some reason.  There have been numerous news reports stating that your zip code can determine your “Health”. Well part 2 of the story is your zip code can also determine you “Wealth”!  I’ve talked about this for years and some people have…

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New Congress Set To Make Credit Repair Harder

With the election of President Elect Donald Trump we will see some direct changes to the credit repair industry. Over the years we’ve seen credit reporting agencies try to make it harder for consumers to repair their credit.  Here are some of the direct changes that I see coming after the new year. The proof…

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Protected: Student Loan Audit Questionaire (CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR THE PASSCODE)

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How to Legaly Resist The Repossession of Your Automobile

by Steven A. Williams, President & Founder – “Breach of the Peace” – this is a legal term that can help you keep your car during a repossession if you are able to get a law enforcement officer there before they take your car. The “Repo Man” is not able to: Use bodily force…

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