I'm so confident you'll be able to save money you'll be able to pay me and put money into your pocket...I GUARANTEE IT!!!


You Don't Have To Lose Your Job To Get Payment Deferments!

Payment Deferments Are Real. Your Mortgage, Car Payments, Medical Bills, Credit Cards, Payday Loans, Student Loans, Utility Bills, Cell Phone, Water Bill, etc. Can all be put into Deferment.

Example: Your Mortgage is $1,500 - 100% of your $1,500 will stay in your pocket for 3 Months that's $4,500 Cash In Your Pocket!

After 3 months you just start paying the $1,500 per month again.

You don't pay the other months that you deferred. They will add those to the end of your loan.

No Penalties, No Fee's, No Late-payment and No Credit Reporting. Now do that for all your bills and add up how much money you'll keep in your pocket to help get through the Virus Emergency!

Watch my video below to see why you need my information to do it the right way.


This Is Very Serious - Please Watch Before It's Too Late!

or Buy Now and Pay Later From The Money You SAVE from Deferments.

Question and Answer

Will my bills just add up? No they will not. After the deferment you will start fresh as if you've never missed a payment.

Can I do this for my mortgage? Yes. You can stop all mortgage payments with no late fees, penalties, or marks on your credit reports.

Can I do this for my car or multiple car payments? Yes. You can stop all car payments with no late fees, penalties or marks on your credit reports.

Will this hurt my credit? No it is mandated by the US government, State and we show you how to get added credit protection using our information.

Will it take a long time to do this? No, you can do this in minutes depending on how many bills you currently have.

Can I use this for student loans, payday loans, credit card payments? Yes. I show you exactly what to do and how to do it with all your bills.

What about my landlord can I get evicted? No you can't and they must provide an option for you after we get through this national emergency. I'm also updating information state by state on what landlords can and cannot do during this national emergency.

Covid-19 National Payment Relief and Credit Protection Program

Due to the Covid-19 National Emergency Your Monthly Expenses Can Be Legally Cut Without Hurting Your Credit, Risking Loss of Personal Property.


I don't have to make my mortgage payments for3 months with no penalties. I've save $3,300 with that deferment only. I'm working on my other creditors now. Susan, Texas

No credit card payments for the next 3 months. Wow, that saved me over $850. That was just 1 of my credit cards and I'm starting on the other. Jan, Milwaukee

My auto loan is on hold. What a relief. No payments, No Interest, No Late payments. I feel happy and blessed to have found this information. I've saved over $1,500. Joe, California

I was so afraid of being evicted from my home because I lost my job. Using this information I was able to full protect me and my family from being evicted from our home. Lakisha, Georgia

Praise the Lord, using this information I was able to stop my car from being repossessed and I was able to stop all payments and interest for 4 months. Jarika, St Louis

In 2008 I lost everything and now I see it happening all over again. But after getting this information I was able to legally stop all my creditors from making me pay payments during the national emergency. I was able to keep more than $6,000 in payments that I would have had to pay. Greg, Florida

Bless You, Bless You, Bless You for getting this information out for us. No one is talking about this and if they do, they never tell you exactly what to do. I don't have to pay over $5,000 in monthly payments thanks to your information. Bless You Again. Barbara, New York

Terms and Conditions *Each company had a different program requirements. This information will show you how to do it and how to protect yourself from companies going back on what they agreed to.

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