Everything Is Prepared for You All You'll Need to Do Is Submit Your Response to the Court Clerk.

"99.9% of Consumers Lose 3rd Party Collection Lawsuits because they don't put up any Affirmative Defense" - National Consumer Law Center


This is what you will get to properly defend yourself in court:

  • Research Your Specific Plaintiff and Case Documents for Potential Errors, Omissions, Violations, etc. by Plaintiff.
  • Complete Summons Response To All Allegations by Plaintiff.
  • Complete Affirmative Defense To Fight Back Against the Plaintiff.

You are going to have a chance or WINNING and getting your case DISMISSED because you'll finally have a Legal Affirmative Defense!

You can hire an attorney and pay upwards of $2,500 or you can use our service and save by defending yourself. Everything is prepared all you have to do is submit your response to the court and Plaintiff attorney.

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If Your Case Is Up To
$1,000 to $5,000
Get Your Summons Response Prepared
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See Below For Your Pricing Based On Amount Sued For...

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