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Are You Tired Of Struggling With BAD CREDIT?

Have you been looking for a legitimate credit repair company but you don’t know whom to trust?

According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) credit repair services has become the 2nd most filed complaints with their office next to mortgage modification complaints.

Many of these companies are SCAMMING people like you and me out of our hard earned money by making big promises and doing absolutely nothing to repair the credit of their customers.

If you are ready to get a fresh start with you credit file, allowing you to get access to more credit to buy a house, new car, start a business or what ever you wish to have, you’re at the right place!

When your credit is repaired you’ll feel more confident and secure about your future.  You won’t have to worry about getting approved because you’ll know you will qualify.  People will have more respect for you and you’ll be able to help others in need.

We have helped 1,000’s of individuals just like you repair their credit using our patented “8 point validation” system, as explained in full detail in this DVD program.

Our “8 point validation” system is the best way to dispute negative credit.  Our results are proven and unmatched by other companies that charge as much as $1,000 for their services.

Using the DVD you’ll know the Secrets that the debt collectors and credit reporting agencies don’t want you to know about.

Here’s How It All Works

3 Simple Steps To Repairing Your Credit and Increasing Your Credit Score in 30 – 45 Days Using This DVD Program

1. Easily learn how to audit your credit report.

2. Using our “8 point validation” system challenge your negative credit.

3. Respond accordingly to all negative items that were not removed.

It’s really that easy but let’s go into more detail about why this system will work for you…

According to the FTC 19 million Americans had error on their credit report that resulted in less favorable terms or denied credit.

Incredibly the errors were NOT the fault of the consumer, they were clerical and technical errors made by the credit reporting agencies or companies that performed credit checks on individuals.

Knowing your rights and how to do a full audit of your report will automatically set you up to increase your credit score instantly and give you more ammunition to remove negative items off of your credit report.

Using our “8 point validation” system you can challenge any and all negative inaccurate items on your credit report regardless if you owe the debt or not.

Creditors and debt collectors are required by law to meet these requirements.  If they fail to meet the minimum requirements the negative item(s) must be removed immediately.  In some cases the debt must be forgiven!

Are You Ready To Get A FRESH Start?

Order Your Copy of this credit repair DVD today!