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I'm proud to introduce our membership platform to the community.  My staff and I have been working on this for about 6 months and we are now making it available to you.

The goal of the membership platform is to lower the cost by making the information available to you to use.  We will always assist you and be here to answer any question you might have.

You'll have access to everything we use on a daily basis to repair our clients credit, settle debt, discharge student loans, reduce student loan payments, settle federal IRS bills, settle medical bills, repossessions, evictions, judgements and more...

This System Is Very Different Than What Other Credit Repair Programs Offer and Teach...

I came up with this system after going through my own personal credit and debt challenges in my past.  After being sued by collection agencies and finally going to court instead of letting them just get more default judgement's I learned about the laws and statutes regarding debt collection and credit reporting.

I call it my "8 Point Validation System".  Over the years more than 100,000 people have used it to repair their credit, increase their credit scores and get out of debt.

My system has successfully removed:


Here's Just A Small Sample Of The Results From Real Member's That Used My "8 Point Validation System" To Repair Their Credit and Increase Their Scores.

This System Will Work For You Regardless Of How Bad Your Credit Is...

You might be thinking your credit is just too bad to repair?  I can personally testify that no credit is too bad to repair.

In 1994 my credit was so bad I couldn't get approved for anything I applied for.  My score on Transunion was 490, Equifax was 475 and Experian was 498.  Using the very same system I was able to repair my credit and increase my scores on all 3 credit reports.

Back in 1994 I was just learning about credit repair so it took me almost 1 year to repair my credit.  But now I've perfected my system and I've learned even more strategies to repair credit and erase debt collections.

Using my "8 Point Validation System" my members have repair their credit and increased their scores in 30 - 90 days in most cases.



Here's A Photo Copy Of My Current Credit Scores

Using My "8 Point Validation System" You Can Fix Your Credit In 30 - 90 Days Easily...

My "8 Point Validation System" speeds up the credit repair process.  When the credit reporting agencies receive your investigation request, they will know you are very serious about resolving your negative credit issue's.

Because if you don't do it the right way the credit reporting agencies will just pass over your investigations and send everything back to you as "Verified and Unchanged".

Using my "8 Point Validation System" they will think you paid a "High Priced Lawyer" to prepare your credit repair investigation request.

Your credit could be 100% resolved in 30 - 90 days and you will be well on your way to having "Excellent Credit" like me!


Your Credit Score Can Increase 50 - 150 Points In 30 - 90 Days...

Negative items such as collections, late-payments, judgement's, medical bills, play into the mathematical equation of your credit scores.

Using my "8 Point Validation System" you'll start seeing negative items get deleted off of your credit reports and your score will start to increase.

Even if you don't have any good credit after you repair your credit, I'll give you access to some of my closely guarded secrets to increase your credit scores.  So don't worry you'll have options to increase rebuild your scores even if you don't have any open credit right now.


Don't Worry About Getting Ripped Off...

If you've followed my system you've seen the results that my system has gotten for my members.  I stand behind my product and I have no interest in hurting my community to make a quick buck.

Inside of my membership program, I'm going to show you step by step exactly what you will need to do to repair your credit, increase your scores and get out of debt.  Everything from A to Z.

Let me also say must be engaged and show you care about repairing your credit.  If you are not serious about changing your life by repairing your credit, nothing will work for you.

I'm going to give you access to everything you'll need to repair your credit, increase your scores and get out of debt BUT you have to be willing to put the information to work.


The Cost Is Only .66 Cents Per Day...

Listen, your bad credit is costing you $1,000's of dollars each year.  Your bad credit is costing you self esteem, confidence and pride on a daily basis.

Employers are looking at credit reports to see if they will hire or promote employee's.

Insurance companies are charging customers more if they have bad credit.  Auto lenders will charge higher interest if you have bad credit.

Bad credit will make it harder to find a place to live. You'll also pay more for regular bank transactions and bill paying.  Look at all the check cashing stores and payday lenders that are raping our communities.


It's Very Easy To Get Started...

When you sign up for my membership program.  You'll see step by step what to do from day one.  So don't worry about what to do next after you sign up for my membership program.

After you sign up you'll get a password emailed to you and you can start right away.  I've made it very easy for you to start with in minutes.

If you have any question you can email support and we'll answer your questions with in minutes if during business hours.

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  • Need Specialized Help? I have a research department for that
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  • Got Problems with Debt or Bills? I have a help section for that
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  • Got Federal IRS Problems? I have a help section for that
  • Victim of ID Theft? I have a help section for that
  • Need to Make More $$$? I have a help section for that
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