PLEASE NOTE: If you are under our Customized Plans refer to your individualized contract for Terms and Condition.  All details are outline with in that document.



$9.95 To Start and 12 Bi-Weekly Payments of $47.91

$9.95 To Start and 6 Monthly Payments of $95.83

$9.95 To Start and 3 Monthly Payments of $191.66

Couples Deal $19.99 To Start 6 Payments of $174.99

 Couples Must Sign Up Separately


  1. You must agree to obtain a copy of your credit report from the CRA’s and provide that to The Credit Repair Shop, Inc. to start services explained in this agreement.
  2. You must provide proof of your ID, Social Security Number, Mailing Address as required by the CRA’s to validate your identity.
  3. You agree to pay the fee to obtain your credit reports from the CRA’s if applicable.
  1. If your account requires debt settlement negotiation’s you are required to call your creditors/debt collectors to set up a payment arrangement.
  1. You agree to provide all documentation sent to you from the CRA’s in a timely manner.  You can provide this information by the following:  Through your online portal account, fax 414-755-1387, email: [email protected], mail to our office, drop off at our office (The Credit Repair Shop, Inc., 7901 Burleigh St., Milwaukee, WI 53222)

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If your credit and credit scores are not improved my company will refund your service payments.  Because there are multiple parties that must review documents we cannot guarantee a specific outcome.  My guarantee is to show you that we are working hard to get your credit repaired and submitting the information you requested to the bureaus and furnishers to resolve your negative credit.  You are required to provide results from each credit bureau as you receive them.  If your account requires debt settlement negotiations you are also required to fulfill any settlement payments that you arrange with your creditors, debt collectors, IRS (State or Federal), loan accounts.  If you follow my plan there is better chance of success.  (NOTE DEBT SETTLEMENT – This is done by instructing you on how to contact your creditors/debt collectors and offering a proposed settlement for the outstanding account. We do not collect funds or transfer funds on your behalf to the collector.  You will be required to do the follow up payment(s)