Collection Agency Makes Threats To Arrest Debtor…But Can They Really Do That?

An inside source at a collection agency made me aware of this happening years ago, but know we have the audio to prove it.

There are some and I quote “SOME” collection agencies that are pretending to be FBI, Local Law Enforcement or some type of court authority in an attempt to collect outstanding debts.

It seems that these are debt collection companies that are targeting individuals that are getting payday loans and auto title loans.  They are threatening to have the debtor arrested for not paying the loan back.

This is 1000% illegal to do but they are playing on the emotions of the individual.  When you listen to the call you’ll see why some debtors will fall for the scam and pay up.  The collection agency is playing the numbers game.  If they can get 1 out of every 10 people to pay up they make millions of dollars illegally collecting the debt.

I’m not saying that debts shouldn’t be paid.  I’m saying that people should be respected and debt collectors should do things the right way.  Putting this type of stress on individuals that are already struggling to make ends meet I consider predatory.  The payday and auto title lenders are making these loans to individuals they know will more than likely not be able to pay.

Here is the audio listen closely because the collector / pretend law enforcement agent slips up several times.