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*Bankruptcies can stay on your reports up to 10 years, Judgement's can stay on as long as they are not resolved with the original creditor or debt collection company.  All other items must be automatically removed after 7 years by each credit reporting agency.

Before and After Case Study From Real Customers.

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The Credit Repair Shop literally gave me a fresh start. Before, I was stressed out and exhausted from being turned down from lender to lender. As of now, I'm currently in the phase of purchasing a home. I'm more confident and I feel more secure. I want to extend a very big THANK YOU to the Credit Repair Shop family. Danielle A.

Wow using help me get into my FOREVER HOUSE, Greg helped me through the steps and it worked. My credit score is 100 points above from when I started. D. Black

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

(The Williams Guarantee) If your credit and credit scores are not improved my company will refund your service payments.  You are required to provide results from each credit bureau as you receive them.  If your account requires debt settlement negotiations you are also required to fulfill any settlement payments that you arrange with your creditors, debt collectors, IRS (State or Federal), loan accounts.  If you follow my plan there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY WE CAN FAIL.  (NOTE DEBT SETTLEMENT – This is done by instructing you on how to contact your creditors/debt collectors and offering a proposed settlement for the outstanding account. We do not collect funds or transfer funds on your behalf to the collector.  You will be required to do the follow up payment(s)

Our Unique "8 Point Validation System" Will Fix Your Credit and Increase Your Credit Score!

You could even get out of paying some or all of your outstanding debt collectors legally without filing bankruptcy.  (These are debts that have either passed the statute of limitations or cannot be accurately validated by the debt collector that purchased the debt.)

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(Updated Credit Reports, Scores and Monitoring Extra)

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This Video Show Exactly What Makes Us Different Than The Other Credit Repair Companies.

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I've compiled some of my best video content on credit repair, debt settlement, increasing credit scores and much more.  These "How To" videos are an excellent starting point for helping your start your credit repair process.

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