Help Eliminating Judgement Accounts

Do you have old or current judgements on your credit reports.  Judgements are the result of you losing a case in a court of law.  95% of judgements are issued as default judgements.

Default judgements are ordered when the defendant doesn’t show up in court to argue their side of the case.  Even if you were to show up in court if the plantiff has evidence that you owe them the judge will order a judgement anyway.  We specialize in taking care of these types of negative credit items.

Even if you have a judgement ordered against you, you still have a right to “Vaidate” the debt.

We do a “Full Validation” of the judgement account.  If the judgement account is not “Fully Validated” the negative items will be removed from your reports and your responsibility for this debt will be erased.  We will do the necessary legal paperwork to make sure you have to pay the debt.

If the collection account is “Fully Validated” we will negotiate with the collection agency to reduce the amount you owe and get the item removed off of your credit reports.

During this process we will take all of the calls from the debt collectors and they will not call you at your home, work or try to call your family, friends and neighbors to shame you into paying them.

You have legal rights and we understand that you may be afraid or too busy to do this yourself.  That’s understandable because if you say the wrong thing you could end up owing a debt that you wouldn’t have legally had to pay.

I’ve put together a video below showing you how we would take your account from A to Z.  This video also shows you in detail what makes us different than any other credit repair company that out there.

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Steven A. Williams, President & Founder


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