Help With Your Auto Repossession Balance

Auto loans have now reach one trillion dollars.  With all of the high interest loans due to allowing individuals with less than perfect credit get auto loans that maybe they couldn’t afford the repossession of vehicles are at an all time high.

After the automobile is sold at auction the lender may attempt to collect the remaining balance of the loan.  We specialize in offering relief using several legal technique’s.

We do a “Full Validation” of the auto repossession.  If the reamining balance of your auto loan has been sold to a debt collection company you may not have pay the debt back.  We will do the necessary legal paperwork to make sure you have to pay the debt.

If the credit card debt is “Fully Validated” we will negotiate with the collection agency to reduce the amount you owe and get the item removed off of your credit reports.

During this process we will take all of the calls from the debt collectors and they will not call you at your home, work or try to call your family, friends and neighbors to shame you into paying them.

You have legal rights and we understand that you may be afraid or too busy to do this yourself.  That’s understandable because if you say the wrong thing you could end up owing a debt that you wouldn’t have legally had to pay.

I’ve put together a video below showing you how we would take your account from A to Z.  This video also shows you in detail what makes us different than any other credit repair company that out there.

After you watch the video you can click the red button below to get more information and have us give you a call.

Steven A. Williams, President & Founder