How to overcome fears of credit repair and lowering debt…The Final Solution

by Steven A. Williams, President and Founder of

When it comes to dealing with your credit and debt you have to make a decision to deal with it.

You can’t half way do it, you can’t think about it one day and not the next day.  You have to be very focused on your ultimate goal.

Read that again.  If you focus on how bad your credit is and how much debt you have, you’ll actually make everything worse.  You get more of what you think about.

So if you consistently think about how bad your credit is, you’ll draw more into your life showing you just how bad it is to have bad credit.  The same goes for your debt.

So you need to be thinking about solutions.  How can I repair my credit?  How can I get out of debt?

Then make a decision and follow through with it.  So you might be saying I’ve tried that and it didn’t work.  Well here’s why it probably didn’t work out.

When you decided to work on your credit and debt did you put together a plan of action?  Did you follow through with it?

I can estimate that you didn’t because you wouldn’t be reading this article if you did.  So why didn’t it work for you?

It probably didn’t work because you didn’t believe in your plan of action and you didn’t follow through.

This is actually why my company has had so much success with helping people repair their credit and get out of debt.  We are not just doing the work.  We are your “Mastermind Group”.

A mastermind group is a combination of 2 or more individuals that have a common goal.   But what I’ve learned is that if you have 3 or more on your team and your goals are the main focus of the team.  All of your goals will get accomplished.

BUT…in order for this to work you must work with the team on designing the ultimate goal and then release it to the team to do the work and step back.  As the team does the work you can check in from time to time for updates, and if the goal is not being accomplished you must allow the team to make the adjustments to get the goal accomplished.

This is very important because if you are the focus and things are not working out right away, you’ll fall right back into your old habits of thinking the worst.

I do this everyday for all of my businesses and I’m better off for it.  Yes mistakes will be made, sometimes the pace is slower, but my team makes the adjustments and we all get awarded when they get accomplished.

I put my “Solution” again all in the universe to be the final solution.  Why do I say this?  Because there are thousand’s upon thousand’s of books, tapes, videos, etc. and the problems with credit and debt has actually increase over the years.

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