How to Respond to the 30 Day Debt Collection Letter Demanding You Pay

All debt collectors must send a 30 day letter demand for payment letter. This letter is actually more than it seems to be. Most people think its just a letter requesting that they pay a debt.

What they don’t know is that this is a legal document used by debt collectors to establish if you actually owe the debt and if you are willing to do something about it now.

And it also give you the legal right to dispute the debt. If you don’t respond you are actually giving the debt collector the right to place the debt on your credit reports and that will make your credit scores go down and give them more rights to go after you for the money in court.

So I want to help you avoid this if possible…the first step to stopping debt collectors is to respond to the 30 day debt collection demand letter.

I’ve prepared a debt validation response to the debt collectors demand letter.

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