How to Stop All Debt Collections Activities by Debt Collectors to Buy You More Time To Gather Your Thoughts and Take Pressure Off Your Mind

When you get a letter from any debt collector who has purchased debt from an original creditor you should immediately respond with a Cease and Desist letter.

Why…because they main goal of a debt collector is to get you upset and emotional so you won’t think and understand your rights. They want to keep you off balance so they can scare you into paying a debt that you potentially never had a legal right to pay.

I’ve always recommended using cease and desist letter because it allow you to relax and stop the harassing calls and threats to sue, garnish your wages, call your job, neighbors, friends and family or even put you in jail.

A cease and desist letter can actually make the debt collector stop the entire debt collection process if they know they don’t have all the documentation to prove a debt is yours.

SPECIAL BONUS: I’ve included 2 additional Very Important Letters.

  1. Statute of Limitation of Debt Notification Letter
  2. Debt Validation Letter to use when validating a debt collection.

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