Rent Reporting is an option to Increase Credit Scores

After a clients gets their credit repaired the number one question they will ask is “how can I increase my credit scores?”.

They don’t want to hurt their scores by applying for credit and getting turned down.  So I’ve always looked for alternative ways to increase their scores.

One of the best ways that can boost a score dramatically is to have their rent reported on their credit reports.

Most landlords and rental companies don’t report to the credit reporting agencies.  Its not really fair because most people will always pay their rent because they need a place to live.

But they never benefit from the monthly rent payments they’ve made over the years.

Now there is a provider that will report the payment history moving forward and they will also report past payment history.

I’ve had my clients use their service and if you are interested click below to take a lot at what they have to offer.

Click the link below for details

Rent Report Team, Inc.