Want Better Credit Looking to Buy A Home, New Car or Just Have The Confidence You'll Get Approved...Watch The Case Study Video Below.

Case Study Video Show's - Proof of how my Unique "8 Point Validation System" is repairing and increasing my clients credit scores.      Thank you for your time!  Steven A Williams, President & Founder


1) Why are you different than all the other credit repair companies out there?

Answer:  We are the only credit repair firm that will take your file from Beginning to the End.  Other companies only dispute negative credit.  We do a "Full Validation" of your negative credit and if any of those item's are not "Fully Validated" they will be removed BUT if they are "Fully Validated" we will handle all negotiations to get a Discounted Settlement for the account.

2) What is your process to get started?

Answer: We make it very easy to get started.  You can be set up with in minutes.  We need copies of your ID, Social Security Card and a Piece of Mail addressed to you.  We will also help you get Up-to-Date Credit Reports and Credit Scores from our provider to ensure a Rapid Validation Process is started on your behalf.

3) Do you offer any guarantee's?

Answer: If you do what is necessary from question number 2 above and you don't see improvement in your credit and credit scores you can cancel and get a refund of your service payments.  To go a step further we don't charge your first service payment until 30 days after you get started.

4) Do you offer phone support?

Answer: Yes, when you sign up you will get 2 very important phone numbers.  Our direct office line and a direct number to your team member representative that is handling your account.  You can call or text them at anytime.

5) How will I know you are really doing the work?

Answer: After your "Validation Requests" are sent out you can log-in to your account online to see the work that was done for you.  Then you will get results from all 3 bureau's in the mail and you will be able to log into your monitoring account to see real-time results and credit score improvements and status notifications.


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Step 2: We will contact you to answer all of your questions and share with you specifically how we can help you repair your credit and get out of debt so you can move forward with your life and get the things you want!