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They Can’t Take Your Money? Garnishment Laws

Wisconsin Garnishment Poverty Guidelines for Earnings (For earnings from July 1, 2014 thru June 30, 2015) Wisconsin Garnishment Exemptions Worksheet If you haven’t signed up for the Credit Repair Summit 2015 CLICK HERE!

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The Credit Repair Shop, Inc. President & Founder on Heart & Soul Radio Show, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Do you have credit and debt problems?  Do you have debt collectors calling your home day and night? The Credit Repair Shop, Inc. President and Founder has some solutions to your problem.  Listen to him help people just like you on the Heart & Soul Radio Show. Heat & Soul Radio Show Nov. 2014 Repair…

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Is Credit Repair Legal?

Is credit repair a legal undertaking? Well, the answer to that question would be a resounding yes. There are, of course, some legal limitations like being actually truthful with financial reports and credit entries. So as long as you enter the right information in the forms you won’t be legally liable. So all in all,…

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Easy and Quick Steps for Credit Repair

In today’s society where we are in a generation which is very much influenced by credit transactions, bad credit may definitely cause misery to one’s life when it is not resolved. Imagine, without a good crest standing, you cannot easily get a good apartment, much more to mortgage. Thus, this article may help you to…

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