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How To Deal With Old Credit Card Debt “Credit Card Collections

Old credit card debt will not just go away because debt collection companies make millions of dollars collecting old credit card debt that they only paid penny’s on the dollar for. To get your credit reports CLICK HERE To get your free membership: CLICK HERE To Get Your Paid Membership CLICK HERE Let Us Do…

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Beware Of Rent-A-Center And What It Can Do To Your Credit

“Anyone considering turning to Rent-A-Center for furniture and appliances should run—don’t walk—out of that store.” by Nerd Wallet Virginia real estate investor Olivia Quinn says she lost her mortgage because Rent-A-Center, the nation’s largest rent-to-own company, failed to correct her credit report. She had paid off her rented merchandise — twice. Leroy Walton of Georgia settled…

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Kesha’s Credit Repair Consultation

In this video I break-down how we did a consultation for Kesha’s credit repair process. You’ll see its not only about repairing her credit there are other issue’s that must be worked on to ensure successful credit repair. To get your credit reports: http://your3scores.com To get your free membership: https://thecreditrepairshop.com/free-membership-sales-page/ To get your credit reports…

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How To Read Your Credit Reports

Credit reports can be confusing, in this video I’ll go over what you need to look for when looking over your credit reports. Need To Get Your Credit Reports – CLICK HERE Want to sign up for our credit repair membership services – CLICK HERE Let Us Do All The Work For You Click Here

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How to Buy a House

Buy a house is the ultimate “American Dream”.  If you are looking to buy a home there are some things you need to be aware of regarding your credit.  Most mortgage companies will not tell you about this until you apply for the loan.  The problem with that is if you are not approved you’ll…

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